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Title: Tips for Cleaning Grout Lines
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Tips for Cleaning Grout Lines

Tile is beautiful, durable, and generally easy to clean, but cleaning grout? That’s a different story.
Because of its (typically) light coloring and porous composition, grout is prone to staining. In a tiled entry or mudroom, dirt and grime are the usual culprits, while in the kitchen, spills are more likely to blame. Soap, mold, and mildew meanwhile make it difficult to maintain clean grout in bathrooms. Fortunately, cleaning grout effectively is possible using only common household products and a bit of elbow grease.

With any cleaning project, it’s always best to start off with the mildest cleaning solution. When in doubt about a cleanser, test it in a hidden spot—behind or under an appliance, for example.

The following suggestions for cleaning grout are ranked from the mildest to the strongest:

To keep your grout clean and stain-free, it’s a good idea to spray it with vinegar and wipe it down once a week. You can also wipe grout with alcohol to keep mold and mildew at bay. In any case, just a few sprays and wipes a week can save you a lot of time and effort cleaning, preserving the attractive appearance of your home in the process.

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